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Visit a Beauty Salon That You Can Trust in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Superb Beauty Treatments

Whether you are looking to revitalise your appearance with a non-surgical facelift or enhance your brows with a microblading treatment, visit Janette’s beauty salon. At Ego Visage, customers are able to receive a variety of beauty treatments that are delivered by a trained and qualified professional. Using the finest products and the latest techniques, Janette achieves exceptional, long-lasting results with every treatment.

beauty treatments

Contact Janette’s beauty salon now, in Peterborough, Cambridge, for more information about her range of beauty treatments.

About Janette

Enjoy a rejuvenating treatment that helps you to look your best by visiting Janette’s
beauty salon. Based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Janette is a trained and
highly qualified beauty professional with more than five years of experience. At her salon, Ego Visage, she conducts an array of beauty treatments for her clients. Janette regularly attends training courses to make sure that she keeps her skills up to date.

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Taking Care of the Client

Janette’s salon has a very customer-orientated approach, starting from the moment the client walks into the clinic to the end of the aftercare process. As part of this approach, Janette carries out a lot of routines to make sure that the customer is safe from infection and allergic reactions, while the appropriate protective equipment and clothing is used and worn at all times. For your convenience, payment is accepted by cash, debit card, and credit card.