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Fantastic Beauty Treatments Delivered by an Expert in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

For first-class beauty treatments that provide the results you desire, make sure you turn to a professional. Janette is a highly qualified beautician and the owner of Ego Visage, a beauty salon in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. At her salon, customers receive a range of treatments, including non-surgical facelifts, microblading, and semi-permanent makeup.

High Safety Standards

The safety of the customer is one of Janette’s top priorities, which is why consultations are required before a non-surgical facelift, microblading, or a semi-permanent makeup treatment. This ensures that you will not suffer an allergic reaction to any of the pigments used in the treatments.

Non-Surgical Facelifts

For this treatment, Janette uses Purebeau Fibroblast, which utilises the skin’s own qualities to stimulate and shrink the skin permanently. This innovative technique involves an electrical flash passing over the skin, meaning there is no actual contact with the skin. Thanks to this method, the treatment is available for the whole face, lifting under-eye bags and removing smoker’s lines, acne, and scarring.

There is no surgery involved in this treatment and there is no down time, so you can have this treatment done and immediately return home or to work. A consultation is required two weeks before the facelift, which involves three treatments taking place over 18 weeks. Four weeks after your first treatment, you can come back for another session.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Using a small machine and a needle, Janette will replace the pigments under the skin. The new pigments are natural and will be chosen to suit your individual skin type. Janette will also assess your hair type and eye colour before applying semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, and full lip makeup. After receiving your first treatment, you can return six weeks later for a follow-up treatment. If you follow the correct aftercare, the results can last for up to two years.


Increase the volume of your brows with Janette’s microblading treatment. The treatment starts with the pigment being placed under the skin before Janette uses a handheld tool to scratch the surface and create beautiful, natural strands of
hair. Although this is not the same as permanent makeup, the results can still last for between 12 and 18 months. Janette uses an anaesthetic to ensure that you experience very little pain and that there is minimum downtime.

Nouveau Lashes

Beautifully made and very light to wear, Nouveau lashes are an exceptional addition to your appearance. Following an assessment of your eyes, Janette will design the lashes to the perfect length and thickness for you. The lashes can last for up to eight weeks if you visit Janette’s salon for maintenance work. At these appointments, Janette will check the health of your eyelids and the lash line. Alongside Nouveau lashes, Janette also offers:

· Eyebrow Tinting and Shaping
· Eyelash Tinting
· Lash and Brow Styling
· Pencilling Lessons

Contact Janette now, in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, to find out more about microblading and non-surgical facelifts.