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 Plasma Therapy 

Price is for one treatment. Follow-on treatments on same area will be discounted. Includes aftercare.

Plasma Pen Fibroblast Skin Tightening

  • Eyelid Lift

    Eyelid Lift


    This non-invasive, soft surgical treatment will lift droopy eyelids giving you a firmer look. No downtime afterwards. Care items provided. Subsequent sessions £150

  • Under Eye


    Eye Bags are often inherited, however they are difficult to conceal. With this treatment, the skin on the under eye is tightened. Unfortunately, any fat deposits under the skin cannot be treated at Ego Visage, however at your free consultation this, and other matters, can be discussed. Subsequent sessions £150

  • Lids and Under Eyes


    Have both top and bottom done, or even share the treatments and save £50 Subsequent sessions £200

  • Crow’s Feet


    The lines are expression lines and once treated are liable to return over many years. However they are easily treated and will smooth your eye skin out, then firming will occur with the help of collagen. Subsequent sessions £100

  • Top Lip


    Those pesky (mostly) top lip wrinkles occur as we age. Too much kissing? A simple treatment of plasma therapy will remove them and the collagen produced as a result of the treatment will bring a fresh and firm skin. Subsequent sessions £100

  • Smokers Lines


    A similar treatment to the top lip, however the wrinkles are often deeper and and wider spread. The bottom lip could be also included if necessary.

  • Neck Smoothing


    Plasma Therapy isn't only for small areas. The neck loses its elasticity too and this treatment is ideal to resurface the skin on the neck. Subsequent sessions £150

A free assessment and consultation is necessary prior to the treatment.


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Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Makeup

  • Semi-Permanent Makeup

    From £250 to £400

    Eyebrows £320 Eyeliner £250 Lip Liner £300 Semi Permanent Make Up lasts 2 years + and simplifies your make up routine. Remember, I am not adding anything, just enhancing!


Microblading of Brows

  • Brows

    £250 (Includes Top-up Four Weeks Later)

    This is for brow only and is a manual method of getting pigment under your skin. It is quick, tailored for you in every way and lasts 12- 18 months.

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